Cultivating Pearls<br/>a creative journey of transformation<br/>-Book
  • Cultivating Pearls<br/>a creative journey of transformation<br/>-Book
Cultivating Pearls
a creative journey of transformation
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Cultivating Pearls will be released Fall of 2019 by Tyndale House Publishers!

Our founder and president, Christina DiMari, wrote an innovative and interactive curriculum that mentors girls how to use a creative process to grow in all areas of their lives; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally and physically. 

You are loved. You are unique. You can make a difference!  

So many of us want to find our true identity and purpose—one that brings light and hope to our lives, no matter what circumstances we face. In Cultivating Pearls you are invited to begin a personal creative journey of transformation where your faith and life meet.

Through the chapters, coloring pages, questions, and journaling prompts, Cultivating Pearls gives you fresh, innovative tools to experience freedom with God, discover your identity, pursue your dreams, and explore creative ways that will make a difference in your life, and ultimately point others to life as well.

Let God transform every area of your life as He cultivates you into the beautiful pearl you are meant to be.

Cultivating Pearls is the most effective book I’ve read and used in my work with high school and college age girls. It is powerful blend of spiritual formation, creativity and practical life coaching. Girls are searching for connection, meaningful relationships, and to know who they are. Cultivating Pearls provides an authentic way for girls to explore and express how their life and faith meet.”
—Irene Neller, Vice President, Westmont College

“Christina DiMari’s passion to bring a life-changing message to girls is contagious. This book will help anyone who dares go on this adventurous journey of personal and spiritual growth to develop a much more meaningful life.”
—Jim Burns, president of HomeWord and author of The Purity Code and Confident Parenting

Cultivating Pearls
 is a blend of spiritual formation, healing arts and life coaching. It takes you on a personal creative journey of transformation where faith and life meet, using the acronym of P.E.A.R.L.S. 

Purified in the River of the Water of Life.
Called, Loved, Accepted, Forgiven, Whole

Empowered in the Light of Christ
Evaluate, Freedom, Forgiveness, Friendships, New

Anointed with God’s Blessing
Grace. Blessing. Peace, Identity, Value

Rooted in God’s perfect Love
Truth, Nourished, Healthy, Strong, Confident

Living to reflect Gods love in your own unique way
Dream, Explore, Discover. Purpose, Create

Sacred Covenant
Make it Beautiful!

When a single grain of sand enters into the living membrane of an oyster, it causes the oyster conflict and irritation. The oyster’s reaction is to continually coat it with a substance called nacre, eventually transforming the grain of sand into a beautiful pearl. The pearl symbolizes deep inner change that now shines with beauty outward to the world. The Latin word for pearl literally means "unique," attesting to the fact that no two pearls are identical. You and I are like that grain of sand when we come to God. He receives us as we are, then covers us with His grace and refines us by the truth of His Word. Through that process, He creates something of beauty in us that, each in our own unique and creative way, reflects who He is to the world around us.

When we asked several girls to sum up their journey through the book, Cultivating Pearls, this is what they said: Healed. Changed. Restored. New Life. Inspirational. Faith. Transformation. Forgiven. Identity. Anointed. Growth. Cultivated. Unforgettable. Love. Shine. Beautiful.

All ages