We design THE RIVER Creative Space for children and youth to have a safe, beautiful and nurturing environment to use a creative process to cope with challenging situations they find themselves in.

For all the children and youth who will find a sanctuary at THE RIVER creative spaces in your community, our hope for you is this:

When you come to, THE RIVER Creative Space, you will find peace, hope, healing and growth in your life. As you are surrounded by the beauty of nature you will be inspired to cultivate your unique gifts and talents. May this space inspire you to use creativity to process difficult things you may have experienced, and realize you are able to make choices that empower you to create the life you dream of. Be Creative. Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Unique. Have Courage. Whatever you can do for others, Make it Beautiful.


THE RIVER creative space at The Matthews House in Fort Collins, CO
We transformed a basement space used for storage into a welcoming space for children and youth.