Our Mission is to cultivate hope, healing and growth in the hearts and lives of children and youth through resources we provide and programs we offer. All of our books, curriculum and retreats help youth discover how they can learn from their life experiences and bring hope and healing to others, each in their own unique creative way.

When Morgan Sailer was 17 years old, she had an idea to create a coloring book with her drawings that would bring hope and healing to children in hospitals, including those who have experienced loss or trauma in their lives. Morgan’s hope is that children and teens may experience healing through art—that coloring each picture provides a creative outlet to process their emotions, focus on something positive, bring comfort to their hearts, and fill their surroundings with love. This beautiful expressive art coloring book has easy-to-complete coloring pages on the right that encourage children and youth to express their thoughts and emotions and a mostly blank page on the left with questions that foster creativity, self-expression and imagination. Morgan’s idea began as a seed that has been cultivated and brought to life through the publishing of this book and support of family and friends. In just a short time, 75,000 My Journey healing art coloring books have now been distributed at no cost to children’s hospitals all over the USA.