River + Pearls offers resources and retreats that guide girls on a creative journey to help them with whatever they are going through or how they want to grow in their lives. Everything we do wraps up with an invitation to each girl to consider  how she can create change in her community and bring hope to others in a creative way that flows from her unique story, gifts and heart.

  • Morgan's StoryWhen Morgan was 15 years old, she lost her 10 year old sister to a brief and tragic battle with leukemia. Morgan used "healing art" with River + Pearls to process this very difficult journey she found herself on. At age 17, when she felt ready Morgan was encouraged to shift her focus from her own journey to the journey of others. We asked her to think about how she could take what she had experienced to bring hope to someone else on their journey. She knew right away what she wanted to do.
  • A Dream: “As I considered how I could bring hope and love to others, I thought of all the children and teens who are going through difficult experiences in hospitals all over the country. Many people brought coloring books to my little sister when she was in the hospital, but they were often too difficult to do because she felt weak and did not have the energy to complete them. I had the idea to create a coloring book that would be both inspirational and manageable for the children, at the same time do something meaningful to honor my little sister. I wanted each page to have purpose. The left side is blank so they have space to write out what they are feeling or create something of their own. As the children color the pictures, I hope they will find a creative outlet to process their feelings, focus their attention on something positive, bring comfort to their hearts and fill their room with love.” - Morgan

  • My Families Heart in helping other children:  As a family we talk all the time about how it feels so hard to "do" anything for Jordyn.  When the creation of this coloring book came about we KNEW that this was something our family could "do" (with the help of River + Pearls) to ultimately honor Jordyn and recognize the hardships that she and so many children in hospitals deal with on a daily basis. As a family we have so much love for our precious Jordyn and this is a way we can share our love for her with others.  Knowing how this coloring book can touch the lives of children fighting battles in hospitals fills our families hearts with so much joy!  

River + Pearls published the coloring book, brought it to the attention of hospitals across the country and manages these ever growing relationships. Thanks to the support of family, friends in the community and generous donations from "new" friends we are just now meeting, this movement has reached more children than anyone could have ever imagined when this all started.

To date, 65,000 copies of the secular My Journey healing art coloring book have been distributed, at no cost, to hospitalized children in all fifty states.

The feedback we are getting from Child Life Specialists in hospitals is that My Journey healing art coloring book is a beautiful and powerful tool they are using with the children in their care to help them process and express their emotions.  When a child is going through something traumatic, coloring helps divert their attention to something positive, settles their spirit and shines a light into their scary place. They love the way Morgan created this book with simple and inspiring coloring pages on the right and blank pages with simple questions on the left. The questions foster creativity, self-expression and imagination. As the children interact with the pages it reduces anxiety and provides a calming way to cope with what they are experiencing. View comments from hospital leaders at the bottom of this page.

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