The feedback we are getting from Child Life Specialists in hospitals is that My Journey healing art coloring book is a beautiful and powerful tool they are using with the children in their care to help them process and express their emotions.  When a child is going through something traumatic, coloring helps divert their attention to something positive, settles their spirit and shines a light into their scary place. They love the way Morgan created this book with simple and inspiring coloring pages on the right and blank pages with simple questions on the left. The questions foster creativity, self-expression and imagination. As the children interact with the pages it reduces anxiety and provides a calming way to cope with what they are experiencing. 

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, West Islip, New York
Please send our sincere appreciation to your donors for their generosity. We will use the My Journey healing art coloring book in our work with children on our Pediatric unit, in our Pediatric Emergency Department and with the children of adult patients who are seen by our child life specialists when a parent or loved one dies. Our pediatric unit has changed during the pandemic and much of our support has been for children grieving losses on many levels. The fallout from this pandemic will continue to rise in the next few weeks and months as children and families struggle with post-traumatic stress, changes in physical and behavioral health and processing of these many losses. Your books will be used by our child life team to support children in the hospital and community heal. We will share with our hospice team for their Child and Family support groups, unfortunately there is a great need. Thank you for all you do for children, families and children’s hospitals. – Kate Fenton MBA, CCLS, Director Child Life Program, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

Maimonides Children's Hospital Brooklyn, NY 

Thank you for providing us with your healing art coloring books! They will bring a lot of comfort to pediatric patients who are isolated in their rooms during this COVID-19 crisis as well as provide an important therapeutic outlet for them. This time period has been incredibly difficult for us and our patients/families- so much fear, anxiety and stress.  I cannot fully express how much we appreciate your offer to support us and our children, except to say that it is akin to someone throwing us a life raft during a time when we feel like we’re barely staying above water. I look forward to receiving the books as soon as you can ship them! – Child Life Specialist, Camille Sato

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Denver, CO
Wow these coloring books are SO beautiful, what a fantastic gift you are giving children all over the country. I work at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver Colorado and we have already seen the joy and relaxation your book has given the children here at the hospital. Thank you for you time, energy and effort. You are making this place better for everyone who enters. – Child Life Specialist, Kara Hellums

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for the wonderful coloring books that we recently received at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. What a heartfelt way to honor your sister while supporting children going through the hospital experience. We all recognize that being in the hospital can be a very emotional experience and being able to express those feelings is an important part of the coping process. Your generous donation will be a great way for children of all ages to find ways to capture their feelings in artwork and writing. You can be sure that the books will be used by our patients in our in-patient areas, especially with those having long-term stays. Thank you for the positive impact you are having with the children who need it the most! We appreciate you very much!! – Child Life Specialist, Doug Leffin

St John's Health, Jackson Hole, WY
“Children and families in a hospital setting experience a wide range of emotions. Incorporating healing arts is an important part of our approach to care. Sometimes the coloring book is used as a simple activity to keep one busy and to engage and spark connection within the entire family. At other times, it is a way for our care teams to connect and develop rapport with their youngest patients. As for art therapy as a practice, don’t underestimate its lasting positive effects in a hospital, particularly on young patients. Art in healing spaces has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and length of stays. Children see the world around them with a different lens than we do as adults. Art, when used as therapy, is part of nonverbal communication for children who may not be able to articulate their emotions and feelings. It’s a powerful tool we have in our toolbox.” – Blair Christy, director of patient experience and art and healing program administrator at St. John’s Health in Jackson Hole, WY.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL
I shared your beautiful story with my team of child life specialists here at the hospital and we were all so touched and so moved by it. You must be so proud of yourself for the work you have done, and rightfully so. This is such a wonderful way to honor your sister, and you are certainly helping children in similar situations. I actually just spoke with a mother today, who lost her daughter to leukemia, and she shared that her daughter was often much too weak to even be able to hold a drawing pad. It was shared with me that that was something you had noticed with your sister, and part of what sparked your idea for these coloring books, so I wanted to share with you just how much that truly does help other families who notice the same things. Our hospital utilizes coloring books for a variety of situations. Some examples include: in play rooms for nervous children who are awaiting procedures (coloring is a great distraction!).In patient rooms in order for the children to color pictures for their families, nurses, or friends they might not get to see a lot. For our creative teenagers, who need something to do but clearly aren’t going to be interested in things like ‘tickle me elmo’ toys. :) One thing that is great about the books you have designed is that they are appropriate for all ages. This comes in very handy for our teenagers and older kids, because often times we get a lot of donations of infant/toddler items and our teenagers aren’t thought of quite as much. Several of our child life specialists took a big stack full of your coloring books to pass out on their floors/units, so they have already been put to good use. Thank you so much for your donation and allowing us to share in this experience. This is a very touching project and we are so grateful be able to witness the smiles it brings. Have a wonderful day! – Child Life Specialist, Tricia T.

CoxHealth Dee Ann White Women’s and Children’s hospitals in Springfield, MO
We are so excited to add your wonderful “my journey coloring book” to our facility to continue promoting positive coping and therapeutic outlet of emotions! Thank you for your generosity and making a positive impact all across the country! – Child Life Specialist, Kayleigh Stark

Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, MA
We just ordered some of your books and we are really looking forward to sharing these with our patients throughout all of the pediatric areas of our hospital! Your drawings are amazing and are really great for so many ages, but I think our teens and tweens will love them most! Thanks for creating this book to help encourage them on their journey and to give them a way to help express what they’re going through. We’re truly grateful! – Child Life Specialist, Jessie Hagerman

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, OH
We received a shipment of your coloring books and I shared them with our Child Life team to distribute to our patients. The books are absolutely amazing and different from anything we have ever received before so it was a fun surprise and change of pace for our Child Life Specialists and their patients. You have such a big heart and are making so many children smile and we are just so appreciative that you shared some of your books with us. Keep up the amazing work & thank you for this special gift! – Sara Coyle

Bob and Penni Nance Pediatric Hospital, Billings, MT
I had the joy of distributing your coloring journals to several specialty pediatric departments at Billings Clinic. My goodness, we are so touched by your gift for our children. What a thoughtful gift to give to children who are on a journey. You are an incredible young lady to be thinking of others. – Gwen

Phoenix Children’s Hospital, AZ
Your coloring journal has been a wonderful resource for our teens that has allowed an outlet for them to express themselves. Thank you for creating them and sharing with us!! – Becca

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.
We have just received a delivery of your wonderful coloring books, and we absolutely love them! I love the designs you did and how they can be used by a variety of ages. We will be using them throughout our inpatient pediatric units, our pediatric emergency department, and our outpatient pediatric clinics. I personally look forward to using them with a lot of our teenagers that are dealing with chronic illness and pretty frequent hospitalizations. I think this is a great resource for us as child life specialists to allow our teen patients especially, a safe space to express themselves using art, words or both, and then giving them the opportunity to share any of it with us if they so choose. We are always looking for new activities for our teen population and your coloring book is a great new addition to what we have! Through your art, you will be touching the hearts of so many children and families all over the world and helping to improve their lives. – Child Life Specialist, Alexa Curtiss

Renown Children’s Hospital in Reno, NV
Thank you to all of you in making this happen!!! Morgan, we are so excited to share your art work with our Patients. What a beautiful and special way to honor your sister. I love your mission! Thank you so much for letting us share your work. We just received this amazing donation of crayons from a local company here in Reno, so it works out perfectly to have a coloring book to go with them, it’s perfect! Sincerely, thank you! Child Life Specialist, Jennifer

Saint Peter’s University Hospital in NJ
Thank you for such a great resource for our teen patients here at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Jersey. Our child life team will share these books with our patients in our Peds/PICU inpatient units, Peds ED and pediatric out patient clinic. We are always looking for new resources for our teenagers and your book will help to ease some fear and tension with our patients. Thank you for this great donation! – Kristal R Neal

Marshfield Children’s Hospital, WI
We just ordered some of your coloring books and our team could not be more excited! 1. Your drawings and these pages are so incredibly cute and so teen friendly and 2. We have been looking for some great teen-friendly art ideas for that population! These coloring books are going to be used with our Oncology, Neurology, Rehab, and Hematology patients! These will be a great expressive activity for them! Thank you for doing something so positive for patients in the hospital. Your story is incredibly moving. Thank you for this generous donation, you are impacting SO many lives! – Child Life Specialist, McKenzie

North Carolina Children’s Hospital, NC
I’m absolutely thrilled by your generous offer of your coloring books for our patients. As well, I’m deeply touched by your story and the manner in which you are paying tribute to your sister. Please know that your coloring books will make an immediate impact, here at UNC Children’s, and, without doubt, they will become a true treasure to our patients and their families. Thank you ever so much! – Becky Batts

Children’s Hospital University of Illinois in Chicago, IL
I am so inspired hearing your story and am so impressed with what you have created! This coloring book is simple but inspirational in a way that children and teens of all ages will enjoy. Your prompts along with the photo allows children and teens to emotionally reflect on their experiences as well. Thank you for your kind heart and for creating this book for all our kids and teens here in Chicago! – Child Life Specialist, Dana Thornquist

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Aflac Cancer Center, GA
We just received a donation of My Journey coloring books. They are great and such a special item to give our patients. We cannot thank you enough for fulfilling this passion of yours and sharing it with children throughout the country!  - Sara Venker

Studer Family Children’s Hospital, FL
We are so excited to begin using g your coloring books for therapeutic interventions with our patients. We love the focus on different feelings individually while also allowing a spot for journaling or free expression. What a great thing you created and we are so thankful for your donation! Child Life Specialist, Sydney

Children’s Hospital of Michigan, MI
Having the opportunity to engage in a normalizing activity like coloring can be so helpful for patients and their families in coping with hospitalization. Not only does coloring help to provide a way to pass time and keep engaged, it is also a familiar and comforting activity to many, which is so valuable in a place that can often be very unfamiliar, scary or overwhelming like a hospital. Thank you for providing the opportunity for our patients and families to engage with this fun book! - Child Life Projects Specialist, Sinead Nimmo

Shriners Hospitals for Children, Boston, MA
Thank you so much for your beautiful coloring books. I know our Child Life team was very happy with them & our patients will absolutely love them. A big heart for helping others is a true gift. – Ashley Loveless

The Children’s Hospital at Providence Alaska, AK
These coloring books are a wonderful tool of expression for our patients and siblings. Many of the images are representative of the natural beauty we are lucky enough to be surrounded by here in Alaska. The images really seem to resonate with the patients here. We also appreciate the simplicity of the prompts which allows each child to really make it their own. We are using them in a variety of ways – they are available to children in the pediatric unit, passed out in sibling coping bags, utilized in our pediatric ER and more. Thanks again for your work and dedication! – Child Life Specialist, Michelle

New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, NY
Thank you for creating such a beautiful coloring book that is perfect for the patients and their siblings at our hospital! It provides them with inspiration and strength as they journey through their hospital experience. We are thrilled River + Pearl thought of us when considering a donation in the NY area! – Child Life Specialist, Shannon M

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital, Longmont, CO
I want to thank Morgan for thoughtfully applying her talents and lessons learned to benefit others. The coloring books she has created for children and teens are finely designed, professionally printed and highly accessible. In fact, at our small community hospital, we have shared coloring books with some adults who have needed extended care. Last week, I gave a River + Pearls bag with a coloring book and note cards to a patient in her late 20s. She is a single mom who desperately wants to be well. Her repeat stays at Longs Peak Hospital have been mentally draining, even though she processes to love our staff and the care. She became teary-eyed when she received the gift bag because she was touched by the gesture, plus she knew she fill her time in a positive way. Thank you for sharing coloring books, care and more! It’s truly unique. - Ashley Kasprzak

Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, CA
Thank you Morgan for your inspiring and uplifting gift to help our oncology kids. You truly understand what they are going through and your beautiful coloring journals will be so helpful. What an awesome gift to help kids through such a difficult time. With much appreciation and gratitude:) – Lisa Peckham

The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, TX
We are so thankful for your creative coloring journals! They are a great resource for our patients and families, especially our teenagers! Thank you for all your hard work and we are honored to get to partner with you! – Child Life Specialist, Jessica Clayton

Shriners Hospital for Children, Portland, OR
Thank you for your thoughtfulness in creating something that children can enjoy while going through their own courageous battles. Many of our kiddos at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland feel some level of anxiety before and after their surgeries and having a coloring book filled with such comforting and beautiful hand-drawn pictures will most definitely help to soothe their nerves. You are such a beautiful and strong young woman who clearly has a heart for thinking of others – thank you for sharing your beauty with us here at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland! – Child Life Specialist, Lynda Luce

Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.
Thank you so much for donating My Journey coloring books to our children! We are very excited to receive these and know that the patients are going to love them! Thank you so much! – Erin Rothwell (Child Life)

University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, NM
Thank you for honoring your little sister with this beautiful coloring book and providing them to our children as a gift.  What a beautiful sentiment, and I want you to know that the patients here will benefit from the beautiful pictures and inspirational messages. Thank you for reaching out to us. – Child Life Specialist, Monica

Kapi’olani Medical Center for Children, Hawaii
We are so grateful to you for your beautiful coloring books. We are the leading center caring for children across all of our islands and the Pacific Basin, so the impact of your journals is so far reaching. You will touch the lives of so many patients and really keep their spirits up and positive. Thank you for your wonderful donations to us. – Child Life Specialist, Emily Torres

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