My Journey healing art coloring book is designed to help children and teens cope with serious illnesses and process thoughts and emotions due to stress, trauma and loss. To date, 65,000 copies have been distributed, at no cost, to 175 children's hospitals with every state being represented.


With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have received an overwhelming number of requests from children’s hospitals in every state for our My Journey healing art coloring books. Children are experiencing trauma and loss in heartbreaking ways and this art therapy book is a powerful outlet to help them process and cope. As donations come in we can ship out 100,000 books in the coming months.  We are a small non-profit and have exhausted our small donor base to ask for help. If you find yourself on this page, WE NEED YOU!  Please take a moment to read this page and look at all links to understand how this book is meeting a HUGE need right now and how you can help!

As a 501(c)(3)nonprofit, River + Pearls relies on donations, from generous people like you, to print and ship the My Journey coloring book to children in need. 

  1. Example of a recent donation
    Nan and Bud Black donated 10K and provided 6500 children our Art Therapy Coloring Book. You can donate ANY amount you are comfortable with to help us provide hope and healing for children. We need small and large donations to help us provide 100,000 more books.
  2. Cost per book for each child
    When we do print runs for hospitals we get our cost down to only $1.50 per book. When you donate, you can choose any donation amount, divide it by $1.50 and that is how many children will receive an art therapy book.
  3. Where we ship them
    We ship the books to the 175 hospitals we have partnered with in all 50 states. (see link below to view our hospital partners). 



    “Thank you for providing us with your healing art coloring books! They will bring a lot of comfort to pediatric patients who are isolated in their rooms during the COVID-19 crisis as well as provide an important therapeutic outlet for them. I cannot fully express how much we appreciate your offer to support us and our children, except to say that it is akin to someone throwing us a life raft during a time when we feel like we’re barely staying above water.”
         – Camille Sato, Maimonides Children’s Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

    "Our pediatric unit has changed during the pandemic and much of our support has been for children grieving losses on many levels. The fallout from this pandemic will continue to rise in the next few weeks and months as children and families struggle with post-traumatic stress, changes in physical and behavioral health and processing of these many losses. Your books will be used by our child life team to support children in the hospital and community heal. We will share with our hospice team for their Child and Family support groups, unfortunately there is a great need. Thank you for all you do for children, families and children’s hospitals. 
         – Kate Fenton, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, New York

    From Hawaii to New York, and from Alaska to Texas, Child Life Specialists at hospitals across the country agree: My Journey is a healing book that is touching hearts, offering hope, and making a difference in people’s lives.  Read More heartfelt testimonies from hospital leaders HERE!