Our two expressive art coloring activity books were created for children and youth with three purposes in mind.

1. To discover the beauty of nature and wildlife that can be found by a beautiful blue river or ocean.

2. To discover hope, healing and growth in their life as they interact with the pages in these books through creativity, self expression, writing and coloring.

3. To discover the joy that comes from exploring their unique talents, gifts, dreams and creative ways their life can make a difference in this world.

Book Grants Available
Steps to apply for a discount or grant

1. Purchase a copy of the book you are interested in so you can understand how to use this resource with the children you are teaching or helping. This book has a unique flow with lots of questions for personal growth, space for self expression and beautiful illustrations from nature to color.

2. Once you have seen the book and you have a clear plan of how you will provide them to the children you are helping, email us at riverandpearls@gmail.com and tell us about your organization and plan. Include how many books you are requesting a discount or grant for.

Purchase and View books at link above.