“Cultivating Pearls is the most effective book I’ve read and used for spiritual inspiration and practical life-coaching. It is a must-read and must-use book for any woman who aspires to have an impact on girls around her. If you are ready to step forward and reach out to other girls, then Cultivating Pearls is the perfect resource for you to use. You will be inspired and motivated to go deeper in your faith! I knew once I read this life-changing book that I would use it for all my interactions and leadership with high school and college-age girls.” Irene Neller, VP Communications and Marketing, Westmont College.

Jim Burns, president of HomeWord and author of The Purity Code and Confident Parenting, had this to say about Cultivating Pearls: “Christina DiMari is one of the most inspiring people I know. Her passion to bring a life-changing message to girls while helping them find true meaning is contagious. This book will help anyone who dares go on this adventurous journey of personal and spiritual growth to develop a much more meaningful life. I hope you start this journey. You won’t be disappointed.”


When we asked several girls to sum up their journey through Cultivating Pearls with one word, this is what they said: Healed. Changed. Restored. New Life. Inspirational. Faith. Transformation. Forgiven. Identity. Anointed. Growth. Cultivated. Unforgettable. Love. Shine. Beautiful.

A Pearl For Every Girl has given me so many opportunities to grow in my faith & I am so thankful for everything it does!! I'm praying that many many more girls will get the same opportunities I have had through this organization.

A Pearl For Every Girl has helped me so much. It has brought me to be more myself and put my identity in God. It has helped me release my creativity to not only help my own soul but also other girls. I have been impacted so much by the program and I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to be apart of such a great group.

Any girl that gets to be a part of A Pearl for Every Girl will have her life changed in the most beautiful ways. Through this organization and different programs, I have learned how to go and grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord while also learning how to creatively represent my spiritual journey with God. By giving to A Pearl for Every Girl, you are helping girls all over the world learn how to find their identity in Christ!

Love each and every aspect of this organization! Offers so much love, and truly helped me connect with God and express my faith through a creative process. This group of girls shines God's light and I am so blessed to be apart of it.

This is such a fun experience that every girl that wants to strengthen their faith should go through. One thing I loved about Cultivating Pearls is that it worked with every learning style and since I learn better hands on it helped me express everything I wanted to say in drawing and doing a scrapbook of each letter of PEARL.

This organization has changed my life! It's taught me that everything can glorify God in a unique way and that we have a personal God excited to pull us into his presence! Not only has it given me a foundation for my own faith to grow from, but a platform to point others to the goodness of Jesus. This is an organization that has Holy Spirit all over it!

I have never found another organization anything like this surrounded by so many amazing people! It has honestly showed me so many ways to live out my faith and connected me in creative ways to the Word of God. I will continue all I have learned through out my entire life.

I first got introduced to A Pearl for Every Girl my senior year of high school. I had never experienced anything like it. Now, as a junior in college, I can say that nothing has had a bigger impact on my life than Christina and Cultivating Pearls. It showed me a whole new way to walk with God and allowed me to process everything in a creative way. It has allowed me to be connected to a great group of pearls and also the art work makes sharing about all the awesome things God is doing in my life so easy! This helped me find a unique rhythm to walking with God and to live everyday like a PEARL. So blessed to be a part of this!!!! Donate and help girls all over the world find their identity in Christ and be able to SHINE for others !!

A Pearl For Every Girl has been so influential in my life. Not only has it taught me many lessons that have strengthened my walk with Jesus, but it has also led me to life speaking individuals including Christina that are constantly wishing to grow in their faith. I would love for donations as we can reach more girls so they can have a similar experience as the rest of us. I am so happy that I was introduced to this program it has made such a difference in my life.

Along with so many other girls, A Pearl for Every Girl has taught me how to allow God to write my story in a way that is creative and unique. It has allowed me to cultivate a foundation where not only I can grow deeply in my own faith but also shine for other girls. I have been so blessed to be a part of this organization and work alongside other girls in pursuit of Christ.

A Pearl for Every Girl has taught me how to walk in relationship with the Lord while being along side other girls who want to grow more in him too!

I walked through the journal, A Pearl for Every Girl last year with Christina and a group of undergraduate college girls. Meeting weekly, as well as taking time on my own to reflect on life in a creative way, helped me to grow stronger in my faith with the Lord. This program focuses on teaching girls how to find a rhythm in their walk with Jesus. I've never been challenged to express my thoughts in a creative way, and this book provided an outlet for me to do just that.

A Pearl for Every Girl has brought me closer to God and to the girls who also go to CSU. Each lesson in the book came at a perfect time in my life. I was amazed by God's work through the book. I'm so thankful for A Pearl for Every Girl!

Pearl for every girl was an amazing experience for me, expectantly my first year at college and away from home. I am so blessed to find an amazing organization at the perfect time! I am so blessed to be impacted by the program and meet so many great people.

A Pearl for Every Girl begins the process of spiritual formation and walks girls through the process of discovering how to walk with God in an intimate way. It teaches them how to self-evaluate and, with a willing and open heart, how to allow God into all areas of their hearts. The journaling process creates a safe and open place to meet God, and the act of drawing helps girls formulate what they are feeling and express it in a concrete way. It is a journey with God, not just a formula of 'do this and do that and say this prayer and read this verse and, ta-da, you’re done.' It is learning how to communicate with our Father, to understand the fact that He is an inexhaustible fountain of water and life and He desperately desires to feed our souls and purify us for His glory so we can reflect His love to our world!

A Pearl for Every Girl has helped me connect with multiple women through God, and for that, I am so thankful! The organization helps spread and grow faith in an easy to understand and creative way, which is great for girls of any age and stage in life. A Pearl for Every Girl will change your life.


So thankful that our daughter has been able to be a part of this beautiful, empowering program! Our girls are growing up in a tough world, so it is such a true gift for them to be a part of this program and be encouraged daily to be who God has created them to be!! For them to truly find their identity through Christ and not what this world may expect of them. Christina has such an incredible gifting and heart for these young girls! The creative outlet she inspires these girls with is absolutely beautiful! Can not say enough about what a treasure this program is for these young women!

I am so thankful to have been a part of this organization for the past few years! The impact this has had on my daughter's life has been truly remarkable and so many more young women's lives have been impacted by this ministry. Every woman needs to be grounded in who they are in Christ and you have a unique way of guiding them on the journey there. Such a blessing!!

I connected with A Pearl for Every Girl 8 years ago and each year I'm blessed to participate by extending this group's inspiring message to a group of girls who I can journey with and encourage to dream, hope, believe, connect to their source of all life! Living to SHINE ON by investing in their lives is the highest calling and the most fulfilling one for me! So thankful God connected me to this ministry!!!

I have been able to use A Pearl for Every Girl program, to reach out to girls of all ages in Puerto Rico. Thankfully girls have been sponsored through this organization, so if they don't have money they can still receive a book for all the programs I have done here. For example, one of my favorite groups to reach out to has been to Teen pregnant girls in an orphanage located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Through A Pearl for Every Girl Organization, I have been able to share the Hope of Jesus in a practical, and fun way! I am so thankful for this organization. I hope many more sponsorships will come through so that every girl can have this wonderful, life changing experience!

know that my daughter has loved this program/ministry. I have seen her grow stronger in her faith after becoming a part of A Pearl for Every Girl. She tells me how much she loves the girls she has met and has become very good friends with. She is older than the rest of the girls and has even been able to mentor some of them. It is a relationship like no other. As a mom, I am comforted that she is part of a group of girls all growing spiritually together. Also grateful to Christina for being a mother figure for her since I am 1300 miles away from her. She really cares for these girls! Please donate if you can! This is a great cause helping our young women to grow into beautiful women of God.

I am forever grateful for this organization! It's been a blessing to watch both my girls grow in the different programs Colorado Pearls offers and then in turn lead other girls to grow in their relationship with the Lord! Blessed!

Thankful for you and your passion to remind every girl of every age that we are uniquely identified with Christ.

This is the program that inspired me to work with teens! Every girl needs a pearl in their life to speak truth, and to encourage their identity in Christ!

What better way to invest in the lives of young women than A Pearl for Every Girl. This is a ministry that helps girls find out who they are in Christ and provides ways to express themselves in creative ways. A great investment in the Kingdom.