How your school can join our mission to shine for children in hospitals!

Click Here to read about our outreach to children in hospitals all over the USA.

If your school would like to join this mission follow these easy steps:

  1. Your students can share the link to our online store and donate page to raise funds for your school to purchase My Journey healing art coloring books to be donated to the hospital we have partnered with in your state. Or you can choose any hospital that is close to your campus if that works for you as well. We will provide you with an email to share this mission with links that you can then share with others. Friends and family can purchase anything in our online store or make a donation on our donate page.
  2. We will provide you with a unique code that tracks all purchases and donations that come in from your students efforts.
  3. With the proceeds and donations that your school raises by sharing the links with family and friends, you will be able to use that money to purchase the My Journey healing art coloring books at a discounted rate. You can then have us ship them to the hospital directly with a note from your school or we can ship them to you and your students can be part of delivering them to the hospital closest to you.
  4. View List of Hospitals we have partnered with.
  5. If the hospital you would like to partner with is not one of our current partners all you would need to do is contact the In Kind Donations department at the hospital of your choice to set up a time you can come deliver the coloring books if you would like your students to bring them in person. Most hospitals have all donations come in through their volunteer department. You will most likely not be able to give the books directly to the children because the children need to be diligently protected from all outside influences while they are going through intensive treatments. This is very understandable. We want to make sure the schools know they will most likely not see any children if you want to deliver the books in person. That said, it can still be very meaningful to deliver them to the appropriate department in the hospital of your choice if you desire to go in person.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and we walk you through this process.