Our Mission is to cultivate Hope, Healing and Growth in the hearts and lives of children and youth through the resources we Create and the Retreats we offer.

We implement our mission in three ways: 

Cultivating Pearls blends the process of spiritual formation, creative arts and practical life-coaching guiding girls on their own unique creative journey of transformation where their faith and life meet. Girls of all ages explore fresh innovative tools to cultivate their gifts, discover their identity, pursue their dreams and bring hope to others. This book is an innovative and interactive format that can be taught as spiritual formation curriculum on high school and college campuses, in youth group settings and mentoring programs. It can also be done on your own for personal and spiritual growth. Great for all ages as the lessons meet you where you are. Read More. 

For all children and teens going through a difficult journey to help them process and cope with what they are going through. This book does not have a spiritual emphasis, rather it was purposefully created to be focussed solely on inspirational coloring pictures from nature and empowering words. This coloring book was created especially for children in hospitals and secular programs so we worked with Child Life leaders to create a book that would be appropriate for these settings. Read More. 

Our River Retreats focus on helping children and youth find hope, healing and growth through the beautiful combination of creativity and activities in the mountains of Colorado. We create custom retreats for groups based on your demographics. We partner with your group. Your leaders come with the children and youth and we provide the activity and programming.  For example, we can create a retreat specifically for: 

  • Cultivating Pearls spiritual formation retreats for middle school girls
  • Cultivating Pearls spiritual formation retreats for high school girls
  • Cultivating Pearls spiritual formation retreats for college age girls
  • Cultivating Pearls spiritual formation training retreats for Leaders of Girls

  • My Journey healing art creative retreats for children or youth going through difficult illnesses and are able to be around other people and outside.
  • My Journey healing art creative retreats for children or youth who have experienced loss or trauma.
  • My Journey healing art creative retreats for children or youth in Foster Care.

  • Leadership Training: Identify your Calling
  • Leadership Training: Live with Purpose
  • Leadership Training: Be a Pearl! (mentor to girls)
  • Leadership Training how use Creativity to help children and youth process, heal and grow on their journey.

  • Vision Boards, Dream Boards, Prayer Boards
  • Cultivating your Faith
  • Healing Hearts
  • Finding Freedom
  • Discover your Identity
  • Rooted in Love
  • How your Life can Make a Difference! 


Founder and President, River + Pearls
Director of Spiritual Formation and Outreach
Christina DiMari is the author of five books that encourage, equip and empower girls to live whole lives, pursue their dreams and use their gifts to shine for others. She is a teacher and ordained chaplain, earning her bachelor’s in biblical theology from Simpson University, and later certified in art therapy. Christina currently leads the nonprofit organization River + Pearls, hosts retreats by a beautiful blue river in the mountains of Colorado, and teaches spiritual formation and leadership training to high school and college age students and staff. Her work includes managing our relationship with 143 children's hospitals who use our art therapy resources in helping children and youth cope and process difficult journeys they find themselves on. Her work and outreach have been featured in numerous magazines, including Today’s Christian Woman, Life Beautiful, In Touch, Radiant, Australia Girls, and Women’s Surf Style Magazine. Christina and her husband, Michael, have two adventurous sons and enjoy family time and their passion for fly-fishing.

IRENE NELLER (top right)
Vice President, Westmont College
Director of Special Initiatives, River + Pearls
Irene became Westmont’s first vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications in December 2017 after serving 26 years at Biola University and four years at Fuller Theological Seminary, building and redefining new functions of strategic enrollment and marketing and earning numerous industry awards. She graduated from Bethany University with a degree in communications and earned a master’s in communications promotions management at CSU Fullerton. A recognized leader in Christian higher education, she chaired the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) national committee for communication officers and serves on the commission. She is committed to mentoring young women, started a national annual conference for advancing women in leadership, and is passionate about issues of diversity. 

Mentor, River + Pearls
Madison went through our Cultivating Pearls book lessons during her high school years. Since then she has led girls through our curriculum on college campuses for the past four years. Madison created all of the illustrations in our book, Cultivating Pearls. She enjoys mentoring girls through our leadership training retreats in the mountains of Colorado.

MORGAN SAILER (center right)
Mentor, River + Pearls
Morgan went through our Cultivating Pearls book lessons during her high school years. As part of her outreach she created a healing arts coloring book that is now used in Children's Hospitals all over the USA reaching 32,000 children! 

RACHEL PEHKONEN (center left)
Mentor, River + Pearls

Mentor, River + Pearls