River + Pearls is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Founder and President, River + Pearls
Christina DiMari is the author of five books that encourage, equip and empower youth to grow in their personal lives, pursue their dreams and use their gifts to shine for others. She started this organization with a desire to make a difference in the lives of children and youth through providing healing spaces, expressive art resources and activities in nature that cultivate hope, healing and growth.

We're thankful for our board and team of volunteers that help us reach our goals of making a difference in the lives of children and youth in Colorado and throughout the United States.

Our Mission is to cultivate Hope, Healing and Growth in the hearts and lives of children and youth. We have three primary ways we do this.

  1. Creating healing spaces for children and youth to use a creative process to cope with challenging situations they find themselves in.
  2. Creating curriculum and expressive art resources for children and youth to have tools to process their experiences, discover their dreams, cultivate personal growth and realize how they can use their life experiences to bring hope to others.
  3. Creating programs where children and youth can experience the beauty of the outdoors such as fly-fishing and hiking mountain trails with leaders who will use these moments to cultivate hope, healing and growth in their lives.