Morgan's Story: When Morgan Sailer was 15 years old, she lost her 10 year old sister to a brief and tragic battle with leukemia. For three years afterwards, Morgan used the “healing art” from River + Pearls on a weekly basis to process this very difficult journey she found herself on.  At age 17, she felt the desire to shift the focus from her own journey to the journey of others. We asked her to think about how she could take what she had experienced to bring hope to someone else on their journey. She knew right away what she wanted to do.

Morgan’s Dream: “As I considered how I could bring hope and love to others, I thought of all the children and teens who are going through difficult experiences in hospitals all over the country. Many people brought coloring books to my little sister when she was in the hospital, but they were often too difficult to do because she felt weak and did not have the energy to complete them. I had the idea to create a coloring book that would be both inspirational and manageable for the children, at the same time do something meaningful to honor my little sister. I wanted each page to have purpose. The left side is blank so they have space to write out what they are feeling or create something of their own. As the children color the pictures, I hope they will find a creative outlet to process their feelings, focus their attention on something positive, bring comfort to their hearts and fill their room with love.” - Morgan


-26,000 Children received a book.
-Requested by 138 Children's Hospitals.
What began as a small idea to provide these coloring books to children in hospitals in Colorado has quickly spread all over the USA! Thanks to family, friends and a generous grant from a family in the community, Morgan was able to donate 26,000 My Journey healing art coloring books to children in 138 children’s hospitals all over the USA with every state represented.


The feedback we are getting from Child Life Specialists in hospitals is that My Journey healing art coloring book is a beautiful and powerful tool they are using with the children in their care to help them process and express their emotions.  When a child is going through something traumatic, coloring helps divert their attention to something positive, settles their spirit and shines a light into their scary place. They love the way Morgan created this book with simple and inspiring coloring pages on the right and blank pages with simple questions on the left. The questions foster creativity, self-expression and imagination. As the children interact with the pages it reduces anxiety and provides a calming way to cope with what they are experiencing. View comments from hospital leaders at the bottom of this page.

We are currently out of coloring books and ready for the next print run.
Goal: 50,000 coloring books gifted to children in the coming year.
(we will provide as many books as we raise funds for, less or more)

If your heart feels a connection, thank you for considering being part of this very simple, yet beautiful way you can impact a child’s life in a powerful way!  

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible.
All donations of $10.00 or more help us reach more children.


2. ON COLORADO GIVES search for River + Pearls.

Make check payable to River + Pearls
Mail to:
River + Pearls
1001-A East Harmony Road unit 271
Fort Collins, CO  80525

White Flowers on map represent 138 hospitals we have partnered with and donated 26,000 My Journey healing art coloring books to as of Nov 1, 2019! 

We enjoy reading the comments below from Child Life Specialists!


Kara Hellums
Kara Hellums 11 Feb 16:13

Hi Morgan,
Wow these books and cards are so beautiful, what a fantastic gift you are giving children all over the country. I work at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver Colorado and we have already seen the joy and relaxation your book has given the children here at the hospital. Your willingness to share your journey is a great gift that I feel sure will help others as they walk their own path. Thank you for you time, energy and effort. You are making this place better for everyone who enters.

Lynda Luce
Lynda Luce 6 Feb 12:37

Dear Morgan ~
Thank you for your thoughtfulness in creating something that children can enjoy while going through their own courageous battles. Many of our kiddos at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland feel some level of anxiety before and after their surgeries and having a coloring book filled with such comforting and beautiful hand-drawn pictures will most definitely help to soothe their nerves. You are such a beautiful and strong young woman who clearly has a heart for thinking of others – thank you for sharing your beauty with us here at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland!

Erin Rothwell
Erin Rothwell 6 Feb 11:28

Hi Morgan! My name is Erin & I am the Administrative Assistant for Child Life & Volunteer Services at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. I just received a call today from Christina offering these beautiful coloring books as a donation to our hospital. We are very excited to receive these and know that the patients are going to love them! Thank you so much!

Christy Grosboll
Christy Grosboll 4 Feb 17:45

Hi Morgan,
I am a Pediatric Oncology Child Life Specialist. We received your donation with the coloring books and cards. Your coloring book is beautiful and inspiring. I love the simple nature of each design and yet how deep and thought provoking it can be. I have given out lots of your gift bags and will continue to do so. I think what you are doing is amazing and what a unique gift you are giving the patients. The books have been very well received and will continue to help our patients get through a difficult time. Thank you for all you are doing to get these into hospitals all over the country.

Monica 4 Feb 17:01

Hi Morgan!
My name is Monica and I work at The University of New Mexico Children’s
Hospital. I received a call today that you would like to donate these beautiful journals in honor of your sister. What a beautiful sentiment, and I want you to know that the patients here will benefit from the beautiful pictures and inspirational messages. Thank you for reaching out to us. I look forward to receiving them!

Emily Torres
Emily Torres 4 Feb 13:16

Hi Morgan! My name is Emily and I am the Philanthropy Officer at Hawaii’s only specialty hospital for children, Kapi’olani Medical Center. We are so grateful to you for your beautiful cards and journals. We are the leading center caring for children across all of our islands and the Pacific Basin, so the impact of your journals is so far reaching. You will touch the lives of so many patients and really keep their spirits up and positive. Thank you for your wonderful donations to us.

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