A note from Morgan

I went through the lessons in Cultivating Pearls while I was in high school. This book meets you where you are no matter your age and truly has the capability to change your life and strengthen your faith in God. This book if very unique and not like anything I had ever experienced. Each lesson allowed me to personally connect with God, explore my faith and think about what was meaningful to me. It helped me understand who I am and how the leaves of my tree could bring healing and love to others.

As many girls around the country and world will be starting their own journey through Cultivating Pearls, I wanted to do something to encourage you. This past summer I created example pages of all of the lessons so if you ever feel like you want to see an example of what someone else did for a page you can view mine. Sometimes seeing what someone else has done can help you come up with your own idea of what you can do.

All of these example pages will be posted on our Instagram page, River + Pearls.

As you start your journey, I want to encourage you to open your heart to the Lord. I can tell you from personal experience that this can sometimes be difficult, but there is a beauty in vulnerability that can lead to transformation. My hope for you is that as you read, discover and create in your book you will encounter the true beauty of God and his Kingdom and that you will allow his light to shine in your heart and through your life.

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