A Coloring Book to Bring Hope and Love!

  • This coloring book was created with love by 17-year-old Morgan Sailer from Northern, CO.
  • 100% of proceeds to go donating these books to children in hospitals.
  • 6000 coloring books have been donated as of Feb, 2019. 
  • Newly revised version for girls and boys - available in March, 2019!

Morgan began her healing arts journey with River + Pearls when she was 15 years old. Two years later, she had an idea to create a coloring book with her drawings that would bring inspiration to children in hospitals. Morgan’s hope is that children and teens may experience healing through art—that coloring each picture is a creative outlet to process their emotions, focus on something positive, bring comfort to their hearts, and fill their surroundings with love.

My Journey Coloring Book flows from a very deep and personal journey I have been on after losing my little 10-year-old sister from a very brief and tragic battle with Leukemia. Jordyn had a beautiful soul that was unique to her. She was funny, sweet, joyful, and humble. She was so loving and kind to those around her. I loved her caring heart that was expressed frequently throughout her day. Her attitude and actions influence me to become a light for others.

I began my journey with River + Pearls to use creativity and art to process what I was going through. All of the pages in the coloring book have been created from my own personal journey and then re-created in a format to provide a tool for other girls to process whatever they are going through, whatever it might be.

As part of my creative journey with River + Pearls I was encouraged to think about what I have experienced in life and think of how I could bring hope to others. When thinking about how I could honor Jordyn’s life I thought about all the children and even teenagers who are in hospitals going through difficult experiences. Many people brought coloring books to my little sister when she was in the hospital, but they were often too difficult to do because she felt weak and did not have the energy to complete them.

I had the idea to create a coloring book that would be both inspirational and manageable for the children. I wanted each page to have purpose. The left side of the page is blank so they have space to write out what they are feeling or create something of their own. As the children color the pictures I hope they will find a creative outlet to process their feelings, focus their attention on something positive, bring comfort to their hearts and fill their room with love. 

In just a short time, 6000 coloring books have now been donated to children’s hospitals all over the USA. Morgan's coloring book is providing a beautiful and powerful tool for the Child Life leaders in children's hospitals to use in helping children and teens use creativity and art to process what they are going through. We have been told that the children are moved because they feel Morgan created the book just for them! And she did.

As of February 7, 2019 we have shipped 6000 Coloring Books to children in hospitals, including these (but not limited to). Listed in order of state.

  1. The Children's Hospital at Providence, Anchorage, AK
  2. Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego, CA
  3. Colorado Children's Hospital, Denver, CO
  4. Rocky Mountain Children's Hospital, Denver, CO
  5. UC Health-Longs Peak Hospital, Longmont, CO
  6. UC Health-Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, CO
  7. UC Health-Poudre Valley Hospital, Fort Collins, CO
  8. John Hopkins All Children's Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL
  9. Kapi'olani Medical Center for Children, Honolulu, HI
  10. Shriners Children's Hospital, Honolulu, HI
  11. Norton Children's Hospital, Louisville, KY
  12. Children's Hospital Michigan, Detroit, MI
  13. Shriners Hospital for Children, Boston, MA
  14. UNM Children's Hospital, Albuquerque, NM
  15. Cape May Medical Center, Cape May, NJ
  16. Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, New York, NY
  17. Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
  18. Oklahoma Children's Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK
  19. Shriners Hospital for Children, Portland, OR
  20. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN
  21. San Antonio Children's Hospital, San Antonio, TX
  22. Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX
  23. Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA
  24. Shriners Hospital for Children, Spokane, WA

Match a grant or make a donation of any amount. All donations go to covering the cost of getting the coloring books printed locally in Fort Collins, CO and shipped to each hospital in Colorado and throughout the United States. We would love to talk with you if you are interested in knowing more about how you can help!



If you have received Morgan's Coloring Books for the children in your hospital, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Please share what hospital you are with and how the Coloring Books are being used. Thank you for letting us come alongside your children and pour into their hearts!


Michelle 21 Feb 09:33

Michelle at The Children’s Hospital at Providence Alaska Medical Center –
These coloring books are a wonderful tool of expression for our patients and silbings. Many of the images are representative of the natural beauty we are lucky enough to be surrounded by here in Alaska. The images really seem to resonate with the patients here. We also appreciate the simplicity of the prompts which allows each child to really make it their own. We are using them in a variety of ways – they are available to children in the pediatric unit, passed out in sibling coping bags, utilized in our pediatric ER and more. Thanks again for your work and dedication!

Shannon M.
Shannon M. 19 Feb 09:32

NewYork Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

Morgan, Thank you for creating such a beautiful coloring book that is perfect for the patients and their siblings at our hospital! It provides them with inspiration and strength as they journey through their hospital experience. We are thrilled River + Pearl thought of us when considering a donation in the NY area!

Ashley Kasprzak
Ashley Kasprzak 18 Feb 12:34

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital, Longmont, Colorado.

I want to thank Morgan for thoughtfully applying her talents and lessons learned to benefit others. The coloring books she has created for children and teens are finely designed, professionally printed and highly accessible. In fact, at our small community hospital, we have shared coloring books with some adults who have needed extended care. Last week, I gave a River + Pearls bag with a coloring book and note cards to a patient in her late 20s. She is a single mom who desperately wants to be well. Her repeat stays at Longs Peak Hospital have been mentally draining, even though she processes to love our staff and the care. She became teary-eyed when she received the gift bag because she was touched by the gesture, plus she knew she fill her time in a positive way. Thank you for sharing coloring books, care and more! It’s truly unique.

Tricia T
Tricia T 18 Feb 10:08

Hi Morgan! My name is Tricia, I am a child life aid at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. I shared your beautiful story with my team of child life specialists here at the hospital and we were all so touched and so moved by it. You must be so proud of yourself for the work you have done, and rightfully so. This is such a wonderful way to honor your sister, and you are certainly helping children in similar situations. I actually just spoke with a mother today, who lost her daughter to leukemia, and she shared that her daughter was often much too weak to even be able to hold a drawing pad. It was shared with me that that was something you had noticed with your sister, and part of what sparked your idea for these coloring books, so I wanted to share with you just how much that truly does help other families who notice the same things. Our hospital utilizes coloring books for a variety of situations. Some examples include: in play rooms for nervous children who are awaiting procedures (coloring is a great distraction!).In patient rooms in order for the children to color pictures for their families, nurses, or friends they might not get to see a lot. For our creative teenagers, who need something to do but clearly aren’t going to be interested in things like ‘tickle me elmo’ toys. :) One thing that is great about the books you have designed is that they are appropriate for all ages. This comes in very handy for our teenagers and older kids, because often times we get a lot of donations of infant/toddler items and our teenagers aren’t thought of quite as much. Several of our child life specialists took a big stack full of your coloring books to pass out on their floors/units, so they have already been put to good use. Thank you so much for your donation and allowing us to share in this experience. This is a very touching project and we are so grateful be able to witness the smiles it brings. Have a wonderful day!

Lisa Peckham
Lisa Peckham 12 Feb 20:58

Thank you Morgan for your inspiring and uplifting gift to help our oncology kids. You truly understand what they are going through and your beautiful coloring journals will be so helpful. What an awesome gift to help kids through such a difficult time. With much appreciation and gratitude:)

Lisa Tweed
Lisa Tweed 12 Feb 15:54

Hi Morgan,
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift bags and coloring books you have donated to Rady Children’s Hospital! Our patients love all the gifts but especially the coloring book with the uplifting messages. Your gifts bring such joy to our patients and we are forever grateful!

Jessica Clayton, The Children's Hospital of San Antonio
Jessica Clayton, The Children's Hospital of San Antonio 12 Feb 10:04

Hi Morgan! My name is Jessica and I am the Child Life Coordinator for The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. We are so thankful for your creative coloring journals! They are a great resource for our patients and families, especially our teenagers! Thank you for all your hard work and we are honored to get to partner with you!

Kara Hellums
Kara Hellums 11 Feb 16:13

Hi Morgan,
Wow these books and cards are so beautiful, what a fantastic gift you are giving children all over the country. I work at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver Colorado and we have already seen the joy and relaxation your book has given the children here at the hospital. Your willingness to share your journey is a great gift that I feel sure will help others as they walk their own path. Thank you for you time, energy and effort. You are making this place better for everyone who enters.

Lynda Luce
Lynda Luce 06 Feb 12:37

Dear Morgan ~
Thank you for your thoughtfulness in creating something that children can enjoy while going through their own courageous battles. Many of our kiddos at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland feel some level of anxiety before and after their surgeries and having a coloring book filled with such comforting and beautiful hand-drawn pictures will most definitely help to soothe their nerves. You are such a beautiful and strong young woman who clearly has a heart for thinking of others – thank you for sharing your beauty with us here at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland!

Erin Rothwell
Erin Rothwell 06 Feb 11:28

Hi Morgan! My name is Erin & I am the Administrative Assistant for Child Life & Volunteer Services at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. I just received a call today from Christina offering these beautiful coloring books as a donation to our hospital. We are very excited to receive these and know that the patients are going to love them! Thank you so much!

Christy Grosboll
Christy Grosboll 04 Feb 17:45

Hi Morgan,
I am a Pediatric Oncology Child Life Specialist. We received your donation with the coloring books and cards. Your coloring book is beautiful and inspiring. I love the simple nature of each design and yet how deep and thought provoking it can be. I have given out lots of your gift bags and will continue to do so. I think what you are doing is amazing and what a unique gift you are giving the patients. The books have been very well received and will continue to help our patients get through a difficult time. Thank you for all you are doing to get these into hospitals all over the country.

Monica 04 Feb 17:01

Hi Morgan!
My name is Monica and I work at The University of New Mexico Children’s
Hospital. I received a call today that you would like to donate these beautiful journals in honor of your sister. What a beautiful sentiment, and I want you to know that the patients here will benefit from the beautiful pictures and inspirational messages. Thank you for reaching out to us. I look forward to receiving them!

Emily Torres
Emily Torres 04 Feb 13:16

Hi Morgan! My name is Emily and I am the Philanthropy Officer at Hawaii’s only specialty hospital for children, Kapi’olani Medical Center. We are so grateful to you for your beautiful cards and journals. We are the leading center caring for children across all of our islands and the Pacific Basin, so the impact of your journals is so far reaching. You will touch the lives of so many patients and really keep their spirits up and positive. Thank you for your wonderful donations to us.

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