Pearls (women) and Diamonds (men) who are coming alongside Morgan with financial support to cover the cost of printing books and shipping to hospitals around the country.

$5,000.00 was gifted by the David and Trish Lerner Foundation with the hope that other Pearls and Diamonds would come alongside Morgan and match this gift. We're hoping this gift will multiply and enable Morgan to reach thousands upon thousands of children in hospitals all over the country. We're looking for foundations, families and businesses to match this grant or form a team and match it together.

  1. $5,000.00     David and Trish Lerner Foundation - 01/01/19
  2. $5,000.00     The Each Foundation - 02/01/19

For those who can't quite match the grant but would love to be part of this, we welcome gifts of all amounts. Thank you!


If you have either been part of a team that has matched this grant or have donated to join Morgan with her mission to provide books for children in hospitals we would love it if you could write a note to Morgan in the comments below sharing what moved your heart to want to come alongside her in this mission. She would love to hear from you!


David W Lerner
David W Lerner 05 Feb 14:47

Dear Morgan, Trish and I are so very honored to make your acquaintance as a result of donating to Pearl. Thereafter Christina contacted us and informed us in more detail of the program, and now we have become aware of you, and what you do and have done. Thank you are not adequate words. In fact there are none that are adequate to describe our feelings about what you do. The love that you provide to so many is truly overwhelming. Supporting your cause is all we can do, and something we will continue to do. In that regard, if you think of any new ideas to help those that you do, we would welcome the opportunity to make those thoughts your reality. Yours truly, David and Trish

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